Mind, Body, & Spirit



Mental wellness is a vital component of flourishing life and Tov’s mental health practitioners are equipped to help you or your loved ones as you take the next steps.

We work with adults, adolescents, and families to address:

  • Substance abuse/addiction

  • Divorce/Dysfunctional relationships

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Body-image/eating disorders

  • Trauma


Our ultimate goal is to equip people with the tools to free themselves from suffering in order to experience joy and peace. 


Your safety is our top priority whether we are meeting with you in the office or via a Telehealth platform. 


Physical wellness emphasizes the connections between the body, mind, and spirit and is integral to experiencing life with ease. 

We partner with SparkFit, a training studio in Downtown Little Rock, to deliver all our physical movement services. SparkFit offers access to a variety of ways to engage with your body:

  • Group classes

  • Small group personal training,

  • Private training

  • Remote coaching SparkFit app.

The SparkFit team of trainers includes top notch professionals who provide effective coaching and programs to grow nutrition, strength, mobility, flexibility, and alignment.


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We believe that group practice and a supportive community are incredible tools for bolstering individual growth. Each group is made up of individuals who share a similar goal and is led by a wellness professional who creates individual and group programming to accomplish the goal. 

Current Goal Groups:

If you don’t see a group you would love to be a part of - let us know what we can add!


Working with our therapist has been transformative for my son and his relationship with my husband and me. Our therapist does such a remarkable job with making the therapy appointments feel conversational rather than clinical. Our son loves getting to go ‘hang out’ with his therapist and we have been impressed and encouraged with the progress through the communication tools and insights that have been provided. We are so grateful! 

Kim Williams Gary

“I’ve trained with my coach for several years now and I can honestly say there isn’t anyone I trust as much. His regimen has pushed me beyond what I thought possible but it has always been done in a very safe and intelligent way.  Additionally, he is continually learning which keeps things interesting and exciting for his clients. My coach has made such a positive impact in my life...I wish everyone could have the opportunity to experience the same.”

Jennifer Powers

The class I attend is well-suited to the focus I've wanted on physical awareness and orientation,
balance and stability, and strength building. The coach is attentive, intuitive, and genuinely invested in facilitating each of us in the class to explore and cultivate our competence to remain strong, vital, and aware of our strengths and challenges.