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Community is an integral part of wellbeing.

Community is an integral part of wellbeing and it can be difficult to nurture community in times like these. As our team of mental health professionals grow, we seek to provide services that are specifically geared to support the need for community groups with a growth mindset.


Our group programs are made up of small groups of individuals with similar goals. These groups are led by a mental health practitioner who provides the structure, tools, and support needed for the group to meet goals as a community over a set period of time.


Yoga for Depression

Depression is a bummer. This yoga series with Alisyn Reid, LMSW will focus on energizing postures and breathing exercises with the goal of stirring up that settled, resigned feeling and inviting you into non-judgemental inquiry.

Daily affirmations and suggested flows to support your practice. 

Contact us if you would like to check for health insurance coverage.

Virtual Team Meeting

Enneagram Inquiry 

Inquiry is a powerful practice in building the skills of self-awareness and acceptance.


During this 10 week series, participants of this group will be facilitated and supported through the process of identifying their style of approach to the world as they develop the capacity to pause, listen, and observe their own patterns while reflecting on others’ perspectives.

Could be covered by your  health insurance.


Small Group Personal Training

​Group practice and nourished relationships are incredible tools for bolstering individual fitness progress. Each training group is made up of 4-6 individuals who share a similar fitness goal and are led by a SparkFit trainer who provides customized workout plans and goal focused coaching virtually or at SparkFit - our movement studio in Downtown Little Rock. 

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