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What To Expect...

Our Mission

We are a group of fully accredited and licensed counselors ready to help you rediscover balance, freedom, and true health. Our goal is to give people of all ages the tools and skills they need to improve their mental and physical health, heal their relationships, and create a future filled with purpose and joy. 

Your First Few Sessions

The goal of your first session is to lay the foundation for future sessions. As you and your therapist get to know each other, you will be able to determine what type of therapy method and appointment frequency will work best for your goals together.


Some of the questions your therapist may ask include:

What brought you to counseling at this time?

Have you ever pursued counseling before?

What are you hoping to accomplish through counseling?

Do you have any concerns about what counseling might be like, or questions you’d like to ask?

We encourage you to take this opportunity to get to know your therapist as they also get to know you. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have in order to assess whether it is the right fit. Our hope is that you leave your counselor’s office feeling confident about your decision to begin counseling and ready to get to work. However, if those initial nerves aren’t totally resolved, that’s okay too. It’s called a process for a reason!


Future visits with your counselor will be more therapeutic in nature. In your second session, you may begin to explore specific symptoms, problems, or past experiences that you discussed in your first session.  Like any process, some sessions may feel more difficult than others and that is okay. It is helpful to keep in mind that psychotherapy is a process that is designed to equip you with life-long tools and solutions rather than a quick fix. 

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